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The single apple company

Singular spirits

The Single Apple Company was created to offer a modern vision of Calvados and attract the curiosity of spirits lovers, diverting them, if only for a moment from their usual choices.

The Calvados apple brandies offer an infinite wealth of flavors, with more than 200 varieties of apples referenced in the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlée, the French standard for high-quality traditional products) and the many soils and specificities that come into play in their production. Yet Calvados remains a rather confidential alcohol ...

To change the game, we want to think the Calvados differently. The heart of the project is the creation of an organ of flavors with single varietal apple spirits. Each will bring its flavor, its notes of bitterness and sweetness, to produce a singular monovarietal Calvados, or contribute to a mastered blend.

Credits photo  : Gabriel Araujo

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La larme du pèlerin - The Pilgrim's Tear

Our Calvados then travel the world, as we age them in barrels from different regions. For example, the whiskey or bourbon barrels bring them spicy, round, vanilla or slightly peaty notes. The brandy barrels give them notes of dried fruit and highlight their fundamental character.

In addition, we select some Calvados that we have fallen in love with. They are produced by independent craftsmen, and we mature them in our own way to give them a particular color ...

The Pilgrim's Tear is a sensorial experience. It awakens smell and taste. It also stimulates sight, thanks to the artists' creations that illuminate the bottles with unique works each dedicated to a  pilgrimage . The touch is in the spotlight during discovery workshops where grafts, rootstocks, soil, apples are taken in hand ... as for hearing, it is essential to appreciate the silence during the tasting.

The Pilgrim's Tear is a brandy dedicated to discovery, produced exclusively in very small quantities (100 to 1000 bottles per batch).

! Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health !

The Single Company: a timeline

November 2016: establishment in  Saint-James, near Mont Saint Michel, Normandy
February 2017: warehousekeeper license obtained
June 2017: first production of apple brandy
August 2017: AOC Calvados obtained
December 2018: first vintage batch acquired from an independent producer and put to age in bourbon and brandy casks
April 2018: first production of Calvados AOC
2019: first batches of Single Apple Calvados
June 2019: Bottling of the first batch produced by TSAC and aged in whisky casks


Single Apple and Larme du pèlerin registered trademarks 

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